Sunday, March 25, 2018

Young People Criticize Church Defects to Pope; Say Church's "Excessive Moralism" Loses Cath.

Young Catholics told the Vatican yesterday that they want a more transparent and authentic church -- one where women play a greater leadership role and where obeying "unreachable" normal standards is not the price of admission -- the ABC News website reports today (March 25, 2018).

In a final document from a weeklong Vatican-initiated conference, 300 young people from around the world joined by 15,000 young people online gave the older men who run the 1.2 billion-strong church a piece of their collective mind.

Overall, the young people concluded the church often is too severe, and its "excessive moralism" often sends the faithful looking elsewhere for peace and spiritual fulfillment.

"We need a church that is welcoming and merciful, which appreciates its roots and patrimony and which loves everyone -- even those who are not following the perceived standards," they said.

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