Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Nashville Mayor Resigns after Bodyguard Affair; Megan Barry Used Thousands of City $ for Affair

Megan Barry -- a former rising star in the Democratic Party -- resigned today (March 6, 2018) as mayor of Nashville, Tennessee, after pleading guilty to cheating the city out of thousands of dollars as she carried out an affair with her bodyguard, according to the AP website.

Barry stunned Nashville in late January when she confessed to an extramarital relationship with the former head of her security detail.

"While my time today as your mayor concludes, my unwavering love and sincere affection for this wonderful city and its great people will never come to an end," the 54-year-old Barry said at a news conference, after appearing before a judge.

Barry and her former bodyguard, police Sgt. Robert Forrest, separately pleaded guilty to felony theft. She and Forrest were sentenced to three years' probation.

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