Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Germany Rebukes Turkey's Aggression in Syria; UN Also Condemns Turkey's Offensive in Afrin

German Chancellor Angela Merkel today (March 21, 2018) condemned as "unacceptable" Turkey's military offensive in Syria's northern town of Afrin, and criticized Russia for "just watching" the continuing attacks by Syrian forces on rebel-dominated eastern Ghouta, according to the Reuters website.

Merkel told the lower house of parliament that the German government also condemned the air strikes on eastern Ghouta "in the strongest terms."

The United Nations yesterday condemned Turkey's aggression in Afrin and called for full access to civilians inside and outside of eastern Ghouta to meet their urgent needs. Some 50,000 people have fled from eastern Ghouta in recent days; in Afrin, the fighting has uprooted some 104,000 people.

On March 18, Turkey stormed Afrin after a two-month offensive against Kurdish soldiers there. The United Nations estimates that about 100,000 people are still inside Afrin, half of whom are children.

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