Saturday, March 31, 2018

On Good Friday Pope Prays Holy Shame to Jesus; Expresses Shame of World Filled with Selfishness

Pope Francis led the traditional Way of the Cross procession on Good Friday against a backdrop of Rome's Colosseum, recalling the path of Christ's passion, the Crux Now website reports today (March 31, 2018).

Speaking to Christ in the form of prayer, Francis expressed "shame" for "our generations that are leaving the young a world fractured by division and wars; a world devoured by selfishness where young people, children, the infirm, the elderly are marginalized." Today's selfishness pervading our society can be compared to Judas betraying Jesus, in order to receive 30 pieces of silver.

The pope spoke of the shame caused by many people, "including some of your ministers, who allowed themselves to be deceived by ambition and vainglory, losing their dignity and their first love."

Francis also spoke of hope, including that which comes from Christ's cross... "turning the darkness of the tomb into the splendor of the dawn of Sunday without sunset, teaching us that your love is our hope."

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