Wednesday, March 14, 2018

VP Pence: Legal Abortion to End in Our Lifetime; Expects Sanctity of Life to Be Restored to US Law

Mike Pence has predicted the end of legal abortion in the U.S. "in our lifetime," the Christian Today website reports today (March 14, 2018).

The Vice President -- a long-time campaigner against abortion -- told a lunch hosted by anti-abortion organization, Susan B. Anthony List & Life Institute, he had seen more progress in eliminating abortion in the Trump administration's first year in office than in his entire life.

"I know in my heart of hearts this will be the generation that restores life in America," he told the audience in Nashville, Tennessee yesterday.

He added, "If all of us do all we can, we can once again in our time restore the sanctity of life to the center of American law."

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