Monday, January 26, 2015

Facebook Blocks a Page That Insults Mohammed; Yields to Turkish Threat to End Facebook Access

Facebook has decided to block a page that insults the Islamic Prophet Mohammed after receiving a court order in Turkey, the UPI website reports today (January 26, 2015).

A Turkish court decided to ban all websites featuring the cover of the Charlie Hebdo magazine with the Prophet Mohammed on it earlier in January.

The country was threatening to remove access to all Facebook in Turkey if the social media company did not comply with its requests.

Members of the Turkish government had previously threatened to ban Facebook because of people posting articles and images critical of the government.

Church of England Ordains 1st Woman Bishop; Rev. Libby Lane Ordained Bishop of Stockport

The Church of England consecrated its first female bishop today (January 26, 2015) during a ceremony at York Minister, the BBC website reports.

The Reverend Libby Lane, 48 -- an Oxford-educated mother of two -- was ordained as the new Bishop of Stockport in front of more than 1,000 people.

The Church of England formally adopted legislation last November to allow women bishops, following decades of argument over women's ordination. Today's historic move ends five centuries of all male leadership since the Protestant Church was established with the Reformation in the year 1517.

Archbishop of York John Sentamu -- who led today's two-hour service -- said: "It is high time we had women bishops. I have been praying and working for this day."

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Spanish Police Arrest Four Suspected Terrorists; Moroccan Islam Radicals Planned to Attack Spain

Spanish police yesterday arrested four suspected Islamist extremists who were prepared to launch attacks in Spain, the AFP (Agence France-Presse) website reports today (January 25, 2015).

Officers detained two pairs of brothers -- Spaniards of Moroccan origin -- in the Spanish territory of Ceuta bordering Morocco, the interior ministry said in a statement.

It said they had "a very similar profile" to the killers in this month's Islamist attacks in France.

"They formed part of a jihadist cell fully prepared and willing to launch an attack in Spain," the ministry statement added.

France Seen as Most Dangerous Country for Jews; Anti-Semitic Incidents in France Doubled in 2014

France was the most dangerous country for Jews in 2014, with the highest incidence of anti-Semitism, an annual Israeli state report released today (January 25, 2015) revealed, according to the Times of Israel website.

The report -- which was set to be presented to the Knesset today by Diaspora Affairs Minister Naftali Bennett -- also recorded a dramatic increase in anti-Semitic attacks during the summer Gaza conflict, and maintained that most attacks were carried out by Mislim extremists. (More Jews and Muslims live in France than any other country in Europe.)

"France was marked as the most dangerous country for Jews today," a statement said. The number of anti-Semitic crimes doubled in France in 2014, it maintained.

"Last year nearly 1,000 anti-Semitic incidents were reported including assaults, many categorized as 'extremely violent' as well as attacks on synagogues and other Jewish institutes."

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Muslim Woman: Cops Made Me Remove Scarf; Sues Police in Mich. for Violating Const. Rights

A Muslim woman filed a lawsuit on January 22, accusing Dearborn Heights (Michigan) police of violating her constitutional rights by making her remove her Islamic head scarf after they arrested her for driving on a suspended license, the Detroit Free Press website reports today (January 24, 2015).

The lawsuit -- filed in federal court in Detroit -- asks for Dearborn Heights to "modify its current policy" so that Muslim women can wear Islamic head scarves during booking procedures.

Malak Kazan of Dearborn Heights was pulled over by police in July on a traffic violation and then taken into custody on a traffic misdemeanor because of her suspended license, according to the lawsuit. The male police officer then asked Kazan to remove her head scarf to take her booking photo, which requires no head coverings or hats.

Kazan objected, saying her Islamic faith required her to cover her hair and neck in the presence of men who are not part of her immediate family, the lawsuit said.

Rise in Anti-Muslim Incidents Turn Out in France; Over 55 Hateful Acts Reported in Past Two Weeks

Anti-Muslim incidents in France have seen a marked increase since the attacks at French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, the NBC News website reports today (January 24, 2015).

Over 55 anti-Muslim actions and threats have been reported to police in the past two weeks, according to the Ministry of the Interior data.

These include attacks on mosques and Muslim businesses, arson, hate speech, racist graffiti, vandalism, discrimination, physical assault, threats with firearms, and the murder of Mohamad al-Maquli, who was stabbed to death in his own home.

"The attacks in Paris occurred in a very Islamophobic and racist context in France," said Elsa Ray, spokesperson for the Collective Against Islamophobia in France (CCIF), an advocacy group which has recorded reports of over 66 anti-Muslim attacks (not necessarily reported to the police) in the past two weeks.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Colorado Teen Trying to Join ISIS Is Sentenced; Shannon Conley,19,Gets 4-Year Prison Sentence

Shannon Conley -- the 19-year-old woman from Colorado who was nabbed by the FBI after she attempted to travel to Syria to join ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) -- was sentenced to four years in prison by a Denver Federal Court judge today (January 23, 2015), according to the Inquisitr website.

Conley was nabbed by FBI agents at Denver International Airport last April when she attempted to travel to Germany, and from there to Turkey.

Her plan was to eventually reach Syria, where she was supposed to render her services as a nurse.

Conley was apparently indoctrinated and brainwashed into joining ISIS by an unidentified ISIS fighter who had managed to woo her online.