Wednesday, July 30, 2014

House Approves Plan for Lawsuit Against Obama; Finds Obama Exceeded His Powers, Violated Oath

The U.S. House of Representatives today (July 30, 2014) approved a plan to file a federal lawsuit against President Obama by a vote of 225 to 201, according to the Newser website.

The suit will contend that Obama has exceeded his constitutional powers in the way he has enforced the 2010 health care law.

Congress members voting in favor of the lawsuit say they are protecting the Constitution's separation of powers of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government.

House Speaker John Boehner -- who initiated the lawsuit -- said, "This isn't about Republicans or Democrats. It's about defending the Constitution we swore and oath to. Are you willing to let any president choose what laws to execute and what laws to change?"

Obama Silent on Christian Beheadings by Muslims; Cath. League Head: "Doesn't That Matter to You?"

The head of the Catholic League today (July 30, 2014) issued a scathing criticism at President Obama, posting on his group's website an essay that pointed to all the Christians being beheaded by Muslim terrorists and asking the U.S. President: "Doesn't that matter to you?" the Washington Times website reports.

"Christians are being beheaded all over the Middle East because they are Christians, and those carrying out this mass murder are doing so in the name of Islam," Bill Donohue wrote on his group's website. "Yet you continue to say and do absolutely nothing about these unspeakable crimes. Do Christians mean so little to you?"

"I can search in vain to find you condemning the genocidal slaughter of Christians by Muslims," Donohue wrote.

He added, "Muslim terrorists are killing Jews in Israel, and their representatives have pledged to wipe Jews off the face of the earth. Yet your administration spends most of its time lecturing Israelis to be patient. About what? Being bombed because they are Jews? Do Jewish lives mean so little to you?"

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

France to Accept Christians Fleeing IS in Iraq; Must Convert to Islam, Pay a Tax, or Die in IS

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said in a joint statement yesterday that they are taking steps to ease the suffering of Christians now fleeing northern Iraq en masse, the France 24 website reports today (July 29, 2014).

"We will aid those who have been displaced following threats from the Islamic State (IS), and who have taken refuge in [the autonomous Iraqi region of] Kurdistan," the ministers said in reference to the thousands of Christians who have fled Mosul -- Iraq's second largest city -- in recent days.

"We are ready, if they so desire, to help facilitate asylum in our territory," the statement added.

Extremist Islamist fighters -- who took control of Mosul on June 10 -- have ordered its Christians to convert to Islam, pay a "non-Muslim tax," or face death. This deadly decree has resulted in a plethora of Christians fleeing from the IS.

Spanish Film Stars Denounce Israeli "Genocide;" Ask EU to Condemn Bombing of Civilians in Gaza

Dozens of Spanish film stars, directors, musicians, and writers -- led by Oscar winners Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, and Pedro Almodovar -- have denounced Israel's invasion of Gaza, the Hollywood Reporter website reports today (July 29, 2014).

They also called on the European Union (EU) to "condemn the bombing by land, sea, and air against the Palestinian civilian population in the Gaza Strip." Moreover, they described Israel's aggression in Gaza as "genocide."

In the open letter, they demanded a cease-fire by the Israeli military and urged Israel to "lift the blockade, which the Gaza Strip has suffered for more than a decade."

The letter also said: "Gaza is living through horror these days, besieged and attacked by land, sea, and air. Palestinians' homes are being destroyed; they are being denied water, electricity, [and] free movement to their hospitals, schools, and fields while the international community does nothing."

Monday, July 28, 2014

Egypt Christian Convert Jailed for Harming Islam; Ministry of Interior: Conversion Incited Sedition

An Egyptian convert to Christianity recently released to appeal his disputed conviction for "inciting sectarian violence" was imprisoned again on charges of "defaming Islam," the Worthy News website reports today (July 28, 2014).

Security officials today sent Bishoy Armia Boulous -- formerly known as Mohammed Hegazy -- to the Ministry of Interior to face blasphemy charges filed five years ago.

In 2009, two Islamist lawyers charged Boulous with defaming Islam after he filed a lawsuit to force the Egyptian Ministry of Interior to change the religious affiliation on his state-mandated identification card from Muslim to Christian. Boulous's accusers claim that the very act of leaving Islam sullies the religion's reputation; Boulous, now 31, left Islam when he was 16.

Karam Ghobriel -- one of Boulous's attorneys -- said that the Ministry of Interior charged Boulous with violating both Article 98f: defaming a revealed religion, and Article 161: perverting a holy book. Boulous was later also charged with two counts of violating Article 102: inciting public sedition.

US Appeals Court OKs Cross at Ground Zero; Atheists Tried Removing It as a Rel. Symbol

A cross-shaped steel beam -- pulled from the rubble of the collapsed World Trade Center in New York days after the September 11, 2001 attacks -- can be displayed in the national memorial museum at the site, a U.S. appeals court ruled today (July 28, 2014), according to the Raw Story website.

An atheist group in 2011 sued the museum and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey seeking to block the display as unconstitutional, arguing that the cross was a religious symbol that had no place in a government-sponsored institution.

In 2013, U.S. District Judge Deborah Batts dismissed the lawsuit, and a three-judge panel of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld her ruling in a unanimous decision today.

The cross quickly became a symbol to hundreds of people, some of whom attended religious services held in front of it. It now stands in the National September 11 Memorial and Museum, which opened to the public in May.

Israeli Gaza Killings Incite Anti-Semitism in US; Swastika, "Hamas" Painted on Miami Synagogue

A synagogue in North Miami Beach in Florida was vandalized with spray-painted swastikas and the word "Hamas," the JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) website reports today (July 28, 2014).

The attack on Congregation Torah V'Emunah came early this morning, according to local reports.

The epithets were discovered slightly more than a day after cars owned by a Jewish family in Miami Beach were egged and smeared with cream cheese while the family attended Shabbat services at their local synagogue. The vandals also wrote "Jew" and "Hamas" on the back of the cars, parked in front of their home in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood of Miami Beach.

"Everyone was shocked," said family daughter Rachel Shakib. "No one knew what was going on, we're like this is America, this is Miami. Why would we be targeted here? We're supposed to be safe, free from anti-Semitism."