Saturday, March 17, 2018

Polish Priest Calls for Pope Francis' Quick Death; Opposed to Francis' Liberalism, Backs John Paul

Poland's leading archbishop has regretted comments by a senior conservative priest who had wished Pope Francis a quick death if he does not open to "wisdom," the Fox News website reports today (March 17, 2018).

Krakow Archbishop Marek Jedraszewski said today he heard about the comments with "pain and regret" and has discussed them with Mgr. Edward Staniek, who said them in a February 25 church speech in Krakow.

Krakow was the seat of Cardinal Karol Wojtyla, the late Pope St. John Paul II. Poland's church remains attached to John Paul's conservative stance, which differs from Francis' inclusive message.

In his speech, Staniek said he was praying for wisdom for Francis and a "heart open to the Holy Spirit, and if he does not do that, for a quick passage to the House of the Father," meaning death.

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