Thursday, December 22, 2011

Northeastern U. Muslim Chaplain Backs Terrorist; Abdullah Faaruuq Raises Funds for Terror Convict

The Creeping Sharia website reports today (December 22, 2011) that Abdullah Faaruuq -- a Muslim spiritual adviser and chaplain at Northeastern University in Boston -- was a key speaker at a fundraiser this month for a criminal female terrorist named Arafia Siddiqui, and nicknamed "Lady al Qaeda."

The fundraiser for Siddiqui was held at the Islamic Center of Worcester, Massachusetts on December 8, with the stated goal of raising $30,000 to assist this female terrorist convicted in 2008 of attempting to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan.

Abdullah gave Siddiqui high praise at the fundraiser, saying, "It is sad that we're trying to raise $30,000 tonight. I would say it's better that we've raised your awareness and raised your ire, as your anger against a government who would level the charges that they have against this woman, and they say she is guilty. I would say she's only guilty of defending herself."

The Creeping Sharia website also reports today that Abdullah -- an imam at Boston's Mosque for the Praising of Allah, in addition to his Northeastern University positions -- has been advocating violence against Americans for years.

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