Saturday, December 24, 2011

COMMENTARY: Northeastern University Must Scrutinize Activities of Its Muslim Chaplain

This week, it was revealed by the Creeping Sharia website that Abdullah Faaruuq -- the Muslim chaplain and spiritual adviser at Northeastern University in Boston -- has been assisting Islamic terrorists in the United States and advocating violence against Americans for years.

Creeping Sharia also indicated that Faaruuq was a key speaker at a fundraiser in Worcester, Massachusetts on December 8, 2011 -- that's right, this month -- for a female terrorist by the name of Arafia Siddiqui, who also goes by her nickname of "Lady al Qaeda."

In his speech, Faaruuq gave high praise to Siddiqui -- a terrorist convicted in 2008 of attempting to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan.

Personally, I find this situation to be extremely sad and painful, since I hold both undergraduate and graduate degrees from Northeastern University, and I have been an avid supporter of Northeastern for more than a half-century. I can remember how several Northeastern presidents -- including Carl Ell, Asa Knowles, and Jack Curry -- worked so diligently and tirelessly, in an effort to make Northeastern the stellar world-renown university that it is today.

Now, Joseph Aoun -- the current president of Northeastern -- needs to take a serious and objective look at Faaruuq's background and activities to ensure that Faaruuq is worthy of the Northeastern position he holds.

Only such an objective and thorough scrutiny must determine whether Faaruuq is terminated or remains as the Muslim chaplain and spiritual adviser at Northeastern.

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