Saturday, December 31, 2011

COMMENTARY: Illinois State Legislature's Charitable Funding Requirement Is Wrong

This week, the Roman Catholic bishops in Illinois decided to shut down Catholic Charities affiliates in the state, because the Illinois state legislature recently passed a law that says adoption and foster-care agencies -- in order to be eligible for state money -- must include same-sex couples as potential foster-care or adoptive parents.

We believe that the Illinois state legislature was wrong to pass such a law, because it usurps the authority of Catholic Charities -- by denying state funding -- to decide itself which parents its adoption and foster-care agencies might recommend.

The fact is that same-sex parents are not recognized by the Catholic Church. Moreover, the Catholic Church considers such a relationship to be a violation of the teachings of Christ, and a serious sin.

The Illinois legislature, then, has overstepped its bounds -- and violated the discretion of Catholic Charities -- by passing such a money-threatening law.

Since the state of Illinois is now losing the services of Catholic Charities -- and perhaps other charitable organizations as well -- it would behoove the Illinois lawmakers to repeal this law for the well-being of Illinois' citizens.

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