Sunday, February 2, 2014

Syrian Aircraft Bomb Rebel-Held Areas in Aleppo; At Least 36 Killed, Mostly Women and Children

Syrian government aircraft continued to pound rebel-held areas in Aleppo with makeshift bombs today (February 2, 2014), killing at least three dozen people -- most of them women and children -- the NY Times website reports.

The bombs were dropped across neighborhoods in the south and east of the country's largest city, reducing cinder-block apartment buildings to rubble and leaving crowds of men searching the debris for survivors, according to videos posted online.

Rebels have pointed to days of heavy bombing in Aleppo -- which is in northern Syria -- to argue that the government of President Bashar al-Assad has no interest in reaching a negotiated end to the civil war despite its participation in internationally backed peace talks with exile political opposition. The first round concluded in Geneva on January 31.

The Syrian government has not commented on the airstrikes other than to mention in the state news media that its forces have killed "terrorists" -- a blanket term it uses for the opposition.

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