Monday, February 3, 2014

Calif. Man Points Gun at Girl Scout Cookie Seller; Was Perhaps Due to Conservative Rage Toward GS

A California man was taken into custody yesterday after he allegedly pulled a gun on a young Girl Scout (GS) who was selling cookies, the Raw Story website reports today (February 3, 2014).

The Riverside County Sheriff-Coroner's office said that the father of the girl -- who is a minor -- contacted authorities after he saw 59-year-old John Dodrill point the gun at his daughter while she was selling cookies door-to-door yesterday.

Dodrill was taken into custody for suspected assault with a deadly weapon. His firearm was confiscated as evidence, the sheriff's office said.

This year, conservatives are calling for a boycott of Girl Scout cookies because the Girl Scouts  supported liberal and pro-abortion Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis (D) as a candidate for woman of the year. Conservatives believe that the Girl Scouts are being taken over by liberal left ideologues -- something that conservatives and anti-abortionists strongly oppose.

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  1. That a girl scout selling cookies was assaulted by a man who answered his door with a firearm is shocking and inappropriate, and worthy of arrest and prosecution. There is no denying the juxtaposition of innocence and corruption in this story which make it newsworthy.

    However; the news media has appareantly tied the assault of the girl scout to a wholly unrelated story; that of a Texas politician, and some people who are a small subset of people who oppose her ideologically. I have searched the Riverside/Temecula media for a police-sourced admission by the man that he assaulted the girl scout in as an ideological statement in opposition to the Texas politician, but I can't find one. It doesn't exist, except as an attempt by the media to exploit the assault of the girl scout and protray it as a political statement.

    This is yet another example of media bias and over-reach in yoking the two unrelated stories. The association of the two stories only serves to feed divisiveness, and promote bigotry. Enough!

    Good people of different ideologies can agree that this man's assault of a child is reprehensible and worthy of punishment. Adding the non-existant association of the man to a politically motivated boycott is dishonesty by the media.