Tuesday, February 11, 2014

EU Slams Swiss for Voting to Limit Immigration; Many Natives Felt Switz. Was Losing Its Culture

The European Union (EU) is terrorizing voters in Switzerland and threatening retaliation against the tiny nation -- which is not a member of the EU -- after the Swiss voted on February 9 to limit immigration in a national referendum, The New American website reports today (February 11, 2014).

Amid verbal attacks on the Swiss themselves -- senior EU officials have been suggesting that "xenophobia" was behind the vote -- out-of-touch European politicians and bureaucrats are even warning that Switzerland could lose its current bilateral access to the "common market" ruled by the emerging super-state in Brussels.

The EU -- famous for ignoring the public to impose its will -- has already started adopting the "consequences" promised by its leaders. According to news reports, the unaccountable regime just suspended talks with Switzerland on incorporating Swiss utilities into the broader European energy market.

With the neutral Alpine nation facing a flood of immigrants from Europe who do not share their generally liberty-minded values and culture, concerns over unrestricted immigration under bilateral treaties finally came to a boil this year. Already, some 25 percent of the population is foreign born -- about two-thirds of that total come from EU nations -- and many native Swiss people have long felt that Switzerland was losing its culture.

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