Monday, February 24, 2014

Pope Urges Cardinals to Shun Royal Court Image; Warns Them Not to Behave Like a Privileged Class

Pope Francis yesterday urged cardinals -- who make up the top echelon of the Roman Catholic Church -- to shun the intrigue, gossip, and cliques typical of a royal court, the Reuters website reports today (February 24, 2014).

Since his election nearly a year ago, Francis has often told his top aides not to live or behave like a privileged class.

The eight-year papacy of his predecessor, Benedict, was marked by mishaps and missteps, which were often blamed on a dysfunctional Vatican bureaucracy and intrigue befitting a Renaissance court.

Yesterday, Francis celebrated a mass with 18 of the 19 new cardinals who were elevated to that rank the day before. One of the new cardinals could not attend because of illness.

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