Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sochi Killing Stray Dogs Before Winter Olympics; Hires a Co. to Kill Dogs,Says They Can Be Deadly

The Russian city of Sochi has hired a company to kill off as many stray dogs as possible before the start of the Winter Olympics later this week, the Global Post website reports today (February 2, 2014). City officials backed off on a similar plan last year after outcry from animal rights groups.

Alexei Sorokin -- owner of Basia Services -- told ABC News by phone he didn't know how many strays his company had killed and refused to say when it was hired by Sochi to kill the dogs.

According to Sorokin, stray dogs pose a threat to the Games.

"Imagine, if during an Olympic games, a ski jumper landed at over 80 miles per hour and a dog runs into him when he lands. It would be deadly for both a jumper and for the stray dog," Sorokin said.

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