Monday, February 3, 2014

Student Kills Officer, Teacher at a Moscow School; Takes More Than 20 Students Hostage, Is Arrested

Russian police say they have arrested a high school student who reportedly shot his way into a high school in Moscow, taking more than 20 students hostage, the Euro News website reports today (February 3, 2014).

A teacher and a police officer were killed in the incident, although the hostages were freed unharmed.

"The person who took 20 people and a teacher hostage is a student in the upper classes at the same school. He has been neutralized and all the students have been freed," Interior Ministry spokesman Andrei Pilpchuk said today on state TV.

The gunman is said by police sources to have walked into the school with a rifle and kept his hostages in a biology classroom before being "neutralized" by armed officers.

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