Friday, December 23, 2016

Obama Lets UN to Condemn Israeli Settlements; OKs Negative Change in US Policy Before Leaving

Marking a critical negative reversal in U.S. policy toward Israel just a few weeks before leaving office, President Obama today (December 23, 2016) allowed a resolution condemning Israeli settlement construction in disputed Palestinian territory to pass through the United Nations Security Council, according to the Washington Examiner website.

The U.S. did not go so far as to vote for the resolution, but allowed it to pass by abstaining from the vote after decades of vetoing such proposals.

Obama has grown more critical of the settlements in the past year and upset with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whom he views as building the settlements as a deliberate effort to prevent Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

House Speaker Paul Ryan called Obama's decision "absolutely shameful," and looked toward the future Trump administration to "reverse the damage done" to the U.S.-Israeli relationship by Obama.

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