Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Russia Conducts Emergency Drills for World War; Most Russians Sure WWIII Cold Phase Has Begun

Across Russia, 40 million civilians and military personnel just finished up emergency drills -- the largest to be conducted since the end of the cold war in 1991 -- aimed at preparing the general population for a world war, the Business Insider website reports today (October 25, 2016).

Since the breakdown of U.S.-Russian talks on the fate of  Syria earlier this month, Russia has pulled out of a nuclear-nonproliferation agreement with the U.S., citing "unfriendly acts" by America.

Also, Russia recently moved nuclear-equipped missiles to its European enclave of Kaliningrad -- near its borders with Poland and Lithuania -- and has threatened "painful" retaliation against the U.S., should it decide to impose sanctions on Russia over Syria. And Russia is now building a permanent naval base on Syria's coast.

Lev Gudkov, head of the Russian polling group Levada-Center, said in Russia "most people believe that the Third World War has begun, but right now we are still in the cold phase of the war..."

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