Saturday, October 15, 2016

Pope Urges Christians Tell Truth, Avoid Hypocrisy; Don't Worship Jesus But Distance Heart from Him

During Mass today (October 15, 2016) at Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis urged Christians to always tell the truth, to avoid succumbing to hypocrisy, which he described as a kind of "spiritual schizophrenia" that makes us say many things without putting them into practice, according to the Independent Catholic News website.

Reflecting on the day's readings, the Pope noted that there's a good leaven and a bad leaven. The former builds the kingdom of God, whereas the latter only creates the appearance of the Kingdom of God.

Good leaven always rises and grows in a consistent and substantial manner and becomes a good bread, a good pastry. But as he went on to warn, bad leaven does not grow well -- although it might appear to have grown well -- because it is empty inside.

The Pope went on to explain that hypocrisy is when we invoke the Lord with our lips, but our heart is distant from Him.

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