Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Exclusive: Assad Did Order Chemical Attacks; Defected Syrian Weapons Chief Got Assad's Order

Syrian President Bashar Assad personally ordered the launch of three chemical weapons attacks against his own people, according to a defected former Syrian weapons chief in a damning indictment of the Syrian regime which has adamantly denied ever using chemical weapons, the All Voices website reports exclusively today (September 24, 2013).

Brigadier General Zaher al-Sakat -- a former chief of chemical warfare in the 5th division in the contested Deraa province in southern Syria -- said he received orders directly from Assad to gas civilians, but could not bring himself to do it and so replaced chemical canisters with harmless substitutes.

Sakat -- based on his own intelligence sources -- claimed Assad is dodging the terms of a Russian-brokered deal to destroy his chemical weapons arsenal by stealthily passing some of the deadly stocks to his allies.

Sakat -- who has since defected to Jordan -- claimed that Assad is trying to "cheat" the Russian-US deal, by sending a portion of his chemical weapons to allies in Lebanon and Iran.

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