Thursday, September 26, 2013

Anti-Golden Dawn Rift in Athens Ends in Violence; Protesters Clash with Police, Want Party Banned

Police and anti-fascist protesters clashed in Athens, Greece yesterday near the Golden Dawn party headquarters, the Euro News website reports today (September 26, 2013).

Riot officers fired tear gas at protesters who hurled petrol bombs and stones. Rampaging protesters set garbage cans on fire and smashed bank windows. Police chased small groups of protesters through the streets.

The violence in the Greek capital came after dozens of demonstrators broke off from an otherwise peaceful march that police prevented from reaching the offices of the ultra right-wing, anti-immigrant party.

The day had seen the largest protest so far against the recent killing of left-wing activist and hip hop performer Pavlos Fissas, allegedly by a Golden Dawn supporter. Demonstrators gathered near parliament demanding the party be banned. They also called for the prosecution of its leadership along with party members accused of involvement in racist attacks as well as other crimes, including blackmail and racketeering.

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