Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Catholic Univ. to Offer Women's Sex Workshop; Marquette U. Women to Discuss Vulgar Topics

Despite complaints from alumni, students, and faculty, a Catholic university is going ahead with a 12-week workshop for women discussing  just about any unorthodox sex that can be imagined, the One News Now website reports today (September 17, 2013).

The 12-week "FemSex Workshop" being presented by Marquette University -- a Jesuit university in Milwaukee, Wisconsin -- contains explicitly sexual topics too graphic to mention in print.

"They seem very, very intent on pushing this onto this university, which doesn't even seem to want it," says Katherine Timpf of CampusReform.org. "I don't really know what their angle is here," she adds, speculating that the university could be attempting to fit in with a culture pushing sex.

Marquette pulled its sponsorship of the FemSex Workshop earlier this year, but the university's Honors Program is now sponsoring it. FemSex was developed at the University of California at Berkley and has now spread to campuses throughout the country.

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  1. P.S.: The Cardinal Newman Society announced on its website today (September 18, 2013) that Marquette University has decided to cancel the Female Sexual Workshop on its campus.

    After much pressure from alumni, students, faculty, and the Cardinal Newman Society, the University canceled the workshop and released a statement today, which says, in part, "Changes were needed to align with Catholic teaching."