Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Chicago Schools Teaching Sex Ed in Kindergarten; Some Parents Oppose Sex Classes in the Schools

This school year -- which begins this week in most American communities -- the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) will be teaching mandatory sex education in the kindergarten, The New American website reports today (September 4, 2013).

The CPS says the the curriculum will use language children understand and focus on topics like bullying, correct names for external body parts, and the difference between appropriate and inappropriate touching.

The new policy calls for 300 minutes of instruction, amounting to approximately 30 minutes per month.

Some parents, however, are opposed to such lessons being taught in public schools -- especially to children as young as kindergartners. Parent Brook Lyon said, "If he (her son) has questions, I'm happy to answer them, but I'm not sure it belongs in a classroom setting."

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