Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Veil Incident Touches Off Violence in Paris Suburb; After Police Detain a Muslim Woman Wearing Veil

Violence erupted in the Paris suburb of Trappes last weekend, as dozens of people assaulted its police station, threw fireworks, and set trash cans on fire, the Voice of America News website reports today (July 23, 2013).

The incidents took place after police arrested a man for assaulting them, after they detained his wife for wearing the face-covering veil in public -- a practice that is illegal in France. There are more Muslims living in France than in any other country in Europe.

Yesterday, a teenager was sentenced to six months in prison in connection with the Trappes clashes. Two other defendants were acquitted. The situation in Trappes remains tense but, for the moment, calm.

France's Interior Minister Manuel Valls defended the police response, despite some Muslims claiming police were rough on them. Valls said Trappes residents want order and calm restored -- and that's what's happening. He saluted what he called exemplary work by the police.

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