Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Principal in India Arrested for Poisoned Lunches; Twenty-Three Students Died of Insecticide in Food

The principal of a school in India was arrested today (July 24, 2013) after 23 students died and 25 others got sick eating poison-laced food, according to the UPI (United Press International) website.

Meena Kumari, 36 -- who had fled from the area after the July 16 incident -- was apprehended by police while on her way to court in Bihar state where she intended to surrender herself.

Manju Devi -- a cook at the school who also was hospitalized after eating the food she prepared -- said she told Kumari the mustard oil to be used for the lunch smelled and looked bad, but the principal insisted she continue making the meal.

Forensic scientists found monocrotophos -- an insecticide that's toxic to humans -- in residue from the food and oil used to make the deadly school lunch. Kumari is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow, Police Superintendent Sujeet Kumar said.

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