Wednesday, July 24, 2013

French MP Faces Prosecution for Hitler Remark; Told Gypsies "Hitler Didn't Kill Enough of Them"

French Member of Parliament (MP) Gilles Bourdouleix faces possible prosecution after a local newspaper quoted him telling a group of Gypsies he wished Hitler had killed more of them during World War II, the Euro News website reports today (July 24, 2013).

The allegation followed a confrontation with the group which had set up an illegal camp in his home town of Cholet in western France. Bourdouleix is the mayor of Cholet, in addition to being an MP.

On a recording posted on various media websites, Bourdouleix could be heard saying "Hitler maybe didn't kill enough of them."

His remarks were broadcast across France as President Francois Hollande moves to defuse growing anger over illegal Roma camps from conservatives and frustrated taxpayers, who -- in time of austerity -- feel that social services provided by the state are being abused.

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