Sunday, July 7, 2013

Coptic Christians Thankful for Morsi's Overthrow; Even Muslim Public Affairs Council Praises Ouster

Egypt's Coptic Orthodox Christians are thankful for the military's overthrow of radical Islamist President Mohammed Morsi, the Christian Broadcast Network website reports today (July 7, 2013).

Father Joseph Boules -- who pastors an Orthodox Coptic church in Anaheim, California -- said the uprising shows that Egyptians want religious freedom, not an Islamic nation.

Boules was 13 when he emigrated from Egypt with his family. He said he is praying for peace in the country of his birth.

Even a California-based Muslim group welcomed Morsi's removal from office. The Muslim Public Affairs Council said in a statement: "We rejoice and celebrate the victory of the Egyptian people against the exploitation of religion to suppress the masses and rob them of their God-given freedom and dignity."

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