Saturday, July 13, 2013

Putin Commemorates WWII Heroes of Key Battle; Tank Fight in Prokhorovka in 1943 Razed Germans

Russian President Vladimir Putin participated in memorial events yesterday, commemorating the Battle of Prokhorovka, fought by Soviet tank regiments near the town of Prokhorovka in the Belgorod Region 70 years ago, the Interfax-Religion website reports today (July 13, 2013).

Putin and World War II veterans laid flowers at the Zvonnitsa memorial bell tower at the Prokhorovskoye Polye military-historical museum.

The Russian president also visited the St. Peter and Paul Church, where he lit a candle for the soldiers killed during the battle and venerated an icon. The church's dean told Putin that the church was built to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the battle.

The tank battle between Russians and Germans was fought in 1943 at a crucial moment in World War II. Russian tank regiments inflicted irreparable casualties on the German tank forces.

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