Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mil. Tells Morsi He's No Longer Pres.of Egypt; Tanks Go Toward Pres. Palace, Coup Expected

A state-run Egyptian newspaper reveals that Mohammed Morsi has been told by the military that he is no longer president of Egypt, the National Journal website reports today (July 3, 2013).

The deadline that the Egyptian military gave Morsi to solve the political crisis in the country has come and gone, and there are widespread reports that a military coup is underway.

Egyptian soldiers and tanks are moving on the ground toward the presidential palace where Morsi supporters have gathered, while a Muslim Brotherhood spokesman is saying the military has taken over. An official announcement from the military is expected soon.

Reuters reported that a political roadmap will be announced soon by the head of Egypt's Coptic Orthodox Church and opposition leader Mohamed El Baradei.

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