Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fla. Probes Branding of Sex Trafficking Victims; Bodies of Women, Girl Prostitutes Are Branded

A human trafficking ring in Florida is branding the bodies of women and girls who are used for prostitution, the Christian Broadcast Network website reports today (July 11, 2013).

A major bust began in May, netting 92 arrests, among them a 15-year-old girl. Officials learned she was part of a trafficking ring that was bringing women and girls into counties throughout Florida to sell their bodies.

The Polk County sheriff said he was outraged when he saw markings on the girl that showed she was being treated like a slave.

"In the year 2013 we are tattooing, branding children and people are using them as consumable merchandise and they simply throw them away," Sheriff Grady Judd said. The Florida attorney general is pursing this multi-county investigation into human trafficking.

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