Monday, April 30, 2012

S.C. Middle School Teacher Charged with Assault; Grabbed Student by Collar, Said "Come Here, Jew"

The Drudge Report website reports today (April 30, 2012) that a middle school teacher in Bluffton, South Carolina has been placed on administrative leave, after she grabbed a seventh-grader by his shirt collar, forcing him under a desk and telling him, "This is what the Nazis do to Jews."

A lawyer for social studies teacher Patricia Mulholland said she was merely conducting an "interactive lesson" on the Holocaust during a class.

The alleged victim told authorities that as he was returning to his desk after sharpening his pencil, Mulholland grabbed him by the collar and said, "Come here, Jew," and dragged him 10 to 12 feet, according to the police report.

The student told his parents about the incident that evening, and they decided to press charges against the teacher. Mulholland's court date is May 22.

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