Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Israeli Air Force Ready for Imminent Iran Attack; Dozens of Pilots Waiting for Order to Bomb Sites

The Eurasia Review website states that a major Israeli TV station reported today (April 17, 2012) that the Israeli Air Force is geared up and ready to launch a massive assault on Iran's nuclear facilities.

A reporter from Israel's Channel 10 TV station -- who spent several weeks interviewing pilots and other military personnel at an Israeli air base -- said dozens of pilots are inspired with the prospect of Israel's first full-scale air campaign in 30 years.

"Dozens if not more planes are being prepared to carry out an attack on Iran's nuclear sites," the reporter Alon Ben-David said.

When the order to attack Iran is given -- and it is expected to be given any day now -- the assault on Iran will be "short and professional," Israeli pilots said.

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