Thursday, May 16, 2019

Trump Announces Plan to Overhaul Immigration; Will Emphasize Immigrants with Merit and Skills

President Trump today (May 16, 2019) announced a bold plan to refashion legal immigration from its heavy reliance on family ties into a points-based system that would boost those with preferred skills, according to the Washington Times website.

Trump said the overall level of legal immigration would remain the same -- about 1.1 million per year -- but that the U.S. should do more to pick newcomers who would boost the economy rather than rely on migrants to pick themselves based on which relatives are already in the country.

"We want immigrants coming in. We cherish the open door," he said in a speech in the White House Rose Garden. "But a big proportion of those immigrants must come in through merit and skill."

Right now, only about 12% of immigrants are selected based on employment. The president said his plan would raise that to 57%, "and we'd like to even see if we can go higher."

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