Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Obama Secures Nuclear Deal with 34 Senators; Pact Is a "Bitter Pill" for Israeli PM Netanyahu

In a major victory for U.S. President Barack Obama -- as well as a bitter defeat for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu -- Democratic Sen. Barbara Mikulski of Maryland today (September 2, 2015) announced support for the Iran nuclear deal, providing the White House the votes it needs to prevent Republicans from scuttling the agreement, according to the CNN website.

Mikulski's announcement means that at least 34 senators -- the number required by the Constitution to sustain a veto -- will back Obama's expected veto of a Republican resolution to disapprove the deal. Mikulski is retiring at the end of her senate term.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has fought incessantly in trying to convince the U.S. Congress -- in addition to many American Jewish organizations -- to reject the Iran deal, claiming it threatens Israel's existence.

His tireless hysterical efforts have not had the impact he had hoped for, as the Iran nuclear agreement is now, in effect, a "done deal."

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