Saturday, September 12, 2015

Billy Graham: It's OK for Seniors to Skip Church; "God Knows Your Limitations,Won't Punish You"

Famed evangelist Billy Graham told seniors it is all right if physical limitations prevent them from attending church, the Christian Headlines website reports today (September 12, 2015).

Graham -- who is 96 himself -- understands firsthand the physical limitations that come with age. To that end, Graham said it is OK if seniors are unable to attend church services and instead watch them on TV or listen to a sermon on the radio.

"God knows your limitations and He doesn't look down on you because you can't do everything you once did," Graham said.

"Be thankful, however, that you aren't completely cut off from your church but that you're still able to worship with them through television and hear God's Word as it is preached. Remember, God's Word is not limited by distance or confined only to a building," Graham added.

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