Thursday, September 3, 2015

Orth. Bishop Rips Hungary PM's Migrant Views; PM Says Muslim Migrants a Threat to Christians

A Greek Orthodox bishop today (September 3, 2015)  criticized the claims of Hungary's prime minister who said migrants pouring into Europe from Africa and Asia are mainly Muslims that threaten Europe's Christian roots, the Christian Today (British) website reports.

Bishop Angaelos -- the general bishop of the Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom -- said he rejected Viktor Orban's approach. Orban warned that the influx of Muslim migrants posed a serious threat to Europe's Christian identity, and indicated that Hungary is not willing to accept Muslim migrants.

"As a Christian, I could never justify a policy which only supported 'our own,'" Bishop Angaelos said.

He added, "The distinction should be based on people's need, not their religion."

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