Monday, March 2, 2015

UN: Over 840 Killed in Ukraine Since Mid-Jan.; Over 6,000 Killed Since Fighting Began in April

The United Nations said today (March 2, 2015) that a sharp escalation in the fighting in eastern Ukraine from mid-January to the middle of last month had left at least 842 people dead and over 3,400 wounded, with hundreds missing and many buried without their deaths being recorded, the NY Times website reports.

Ivan Simonovic -- the United Nations assistant secretary general -- told reporters in Geneva that more than 6,000 people had been killed since the fighting started last April.

The casualty figures were in a United Nations report issued today that also said an influx of troops and heavy weapons from Russia had intensified the conflict in Ukraine's east.

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe -- which is monitoring developments in Ukraine -- had confirmed the inflow of troops and heavy weaponry from Russia, Simonovic said.

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