Sunday, March 22, 2015

Pope Francis Blasts Corruption, Drugs, the Mafia; "A Corrupt Society Stinks Like a Rotting Corpse"

Pope Francis has blasted "the stink of corruption," urged the world to treat migrants as "equal citizens," denounced underpaid labor as "slavery," and invited the Italian Mafia to repent, in a speech in Naples, the Catholic News website reports today (March 22, 2015).

During his speech yesterday, Francis called on local residents to react decisively against illegal organizations that use the drug trade to exploit and corrupt the young, the poor, and the weak.

"A corrupt society stinks like a rotting corpse," Francis said in Scampia, a Mafia-infested neighborhood in the southern Italian city of Naples. "And a Christian who becomes corrupt isn't Christian, [he] stinks!"

The Pope's comments on corruption came as he began a nine-hour rally through Naples -- a city notorious as the home of some of Italy's most infamous crime syndicates.

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