Monday, March 23, 2015

Ill. State Employees Sue Over Forced Union Dues; Argue Workers Have 1st Amend. Right Not to Pay

In a lawsuit filed today (March 23, 2015), three state employees in Illinois challenged a law that forces them to pay union dies -- even when they are not in a union -- according to the Daily Caller website.

"Illinois law forces most employees of state government to pay money to a union as a condition of keeping their job," Diana Rickert, the director of media relations for the Illinois Policy Institute (IPI), noted in a statement.

Opponents of forced union dues believe nonmembers should have the right to not pay unions anything at all.

"The legal action filed today argues that state workers have a First Amendment right not to pay for speech they disagree with by an organization they don't want to support," Rickert said. The three state workers are being represented by Liberty Justice Center, the legal arm of IPI.

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