Sunday, March 29, 2015

Islamic State Group Beheads Eight Men in Syria; IS Fighter on Video Calls Them "Impure Infidels"

The Islamic State (IS) terrorist group released a new video today (March 29, 2015) showing its fighters cutting off the heads of eight men described as Shi'ite Muslims, the Voice of America News website reports.

The eight men were beheaded in the central Syrian province of Hama.

Blindfolded and with their hands tied behind their backs, the men are seen being led forward in a field by what appear to be teenage boys. A boy wearing a black uniform is seen handing out knives to the fighters before the hostages are killed.

An Islamic State fighter speaks in the video, calling the hostages "impure infidels" and saying the military campaign against the Islamic State will make the group stronger.

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