Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ousted Cath.Bishops Start "The Resistance" Org.; Traditionalists Snub Pope Francis' "New Religion"

Two renegade Catholic bishops at a remote monastery in Brazil plan to consecrate a new generation of bishops to spread their ultra-traditionalist movement called "The Resistance" in defiance of the Vatican, the Religion News website reports today (March 31, 2015).

French Bishop Jean-Michel Faure -- himself consecrated only two weeks ago by the Holocaust-denying British Bishop Richard Williamson -- said the new group rejected Pope Francis and what it called his "new religion" and would not engage in a dialogue with Rome until the Vatican turned back the clock.

Williamson and Faure -- who were both excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church when the former made the latter a bishop without Vatican approval -- are ex-members of a larger dissenting group that has been a thorn in Rome's side for years.

Their splinter movement is small, but the fact they plan to consecrate bishops is important, because it means their schism can continue as a rebel form of Catholicism.

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