Thursday, March 5, 2015

Pope: "Worldliness" Results in a Darkened Soul; Materialism Blocks People from Helping Others

In his morning Mass today (March 5, 2015), Pope Francis talked about so-called "worldliness." Reflecting on the day's reading, he explained that being obsessed with materialism blocks people from lending a helping hand, according to the Rome Reports website.

He said, "Worldliness transforms the soul. It makes people lose touch with reality. They live in an artificial world that they made up. Worldliness numbs the soul."

The Pope then added that falling into the traps of worldliness can be even worse than committing a sin, because it leads to a darkened soul.

The Pope also quoted Jesus at the Last Supper when He prayed to the Father: "But please, Father, keep these disciples from falling into the world, from falling into worldliness."

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