Monday, March 16, 2015

Iraqi Army Arrests 20 IS Men Dressed as Women; Men Wore Robes,Veils,Makeup,Bras to Flee Area

Today (March 16, 2015) the Iraqi army arrested 20 male Islamic State (IS) militants dressed as women in the northern Iraq city of Baquba, according to the Jerusalem Post website.

The Islamic State men wore robes and veils; they had put on makeup, including eyeliner, eyeshadow, and blush; they even wore women's padded bras -- all in a desperate attempt to flee the battlefield in Tikrit, which Iraq's military recently managed to take back from the Islamic State.

The Islamic men used the female disguise with the hope that the Iraqi army would think they were women and not arrest them.

It is unclear what the fate of these Islamic State members will be now that they are in police custody.

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