Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Syria Accused of Much Torture,11,000 Executions; Defector Snuk Pix of Dead Prisoners Out of Syria

A report today (January 21, 2014) by three former war crimes prosecutors says that there is clear evidence that Syria has systematically tortured and executed about 11,000 detainees since the start of the uprising in March 2011, according to the World News website.

One of the authors of the report told the BBC there was evidence of government involvement. Damascus has denied claims of abuse.

The investigators examined thousands of images of dead prisoners reportedly smuggled out of Syria by a defector.

The report comes one day before peace talks on Syria are due to begin in Switzerland. The conference in the resort Swiss town of Montreux is being seen as the biggest diplomatic effort to end the three-year Syrian civil war in which more than 130,000 people have been killed.

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