Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Obama Vows to Bypass Congress, Rule by Decree; Unconstitutional Rule May Lead to Impeachment

Sounding more like a communist dictator than a U.S. president who took an oath to uphold the Constitution, Barack Obama announced that he would no longer wait for Congress or legislation to impose his radical agenda to "fundamentally transform" America, the New American website reports today (January 15, 2014).

Instead, in January 14 remarks about making 2014 a "year of action," Obama declared that his administration would expand its rule-by-decree machinations through the use of even more anti-constitutional "executive orders" and "executive actions."

This radical and illegal plan, analysts say, is setting up a potential showdown of historic proportions with lawmakers and an increasingly outraged American public.

Surprisingly, a spineless Congress has allowed Obama's unconstitutional actions to be implemented and has even been providing taxpayer funding for them. The American public has already had enough of the lawlessness, with more than two-thirds of Americans saying that the federal government is now "out of control" and threatening basic liberties. Surveys have even shown that a majority of American  voters now support Obama's impeachment.

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