Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Italian Police Nab Tunisian Stalking Ex-Girlfriend; Threatened He'd Behead Her, Said She's "His"

Police arrested an unemployed Tunisian immigrant in Italy on suspicion of stalking his Italian ex-girlfriend for nearly two years and threatening to cut off her head, the ADN Kronos (Italian) website reports today (January 7, 2014).

Police arrested 36-year-old Valid Smiri, as he tried to climb over a gate and enter his ex-girlfriend's apartment building in the town of Quartu, near Cagliari.

Witnesses said Smiri was shouting: "I'll kill you, I am an Arab, you don't know me. Even if they arrest me, I'll come back and kill you. I'll cut off your head!"

The 47-year-old woman ended a three-month relationship with Smiri in 2012 -- a decision he has refused to accept. He hung around the woman's apartment building and hurled insults at her and threatened to kill her each time he saw her go in or out, saying she was "his," according to investigators.

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