Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Denmark Pols Seek to Halt Muslim Immigrants; Want Border Guards to Stop Muslims' Entrance

Senior members of Denmark's political party Dansk Folkeparti (DF) have expressed the belief that there are enough Muslims in Denmark, and border controls should be established to stop more from entering the country, the Copenhagen Post website reports today (January 28, 2014).

DF's defense spokesperson Marie Krarup said that the time has come to completely halt Muslim immigration. "We should limit the size of the Muslim minority in Denmark," Krarup wrote in a blog for Berlingske newspaper.

Anders Vistisen, number two on DF's list of candidates for the European Parliament, agreed that the number of Muslims in Denmark should be limited.

DF's citizenship spokesperson, Christian Langballe, could not see how a total ban against Muslims could be put into place. "It is impractical to call a complete halt, but I think that Muslim immigration must be limited," he told Berlingske.

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