Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hungarian Jews May Ignore Holocaust Ceremony; Due to a Resurgence of Anti-Semitism in Hungary

Hungarian Jewish leaders said today (January 21, 2014) they may stay away from commemorations of the Holocaust in 2014 because of resurgent anti-Semitism in a nation that has struggled to come to terms with a wartime role in deporting Jews, the Euro News website reports.

The Hungarian government is planning to mark the 70th anniversary of June 1944, when 437,000 Jews were sent to Nazi death camps within weeks. In total, about half a million Jews perished before the Budapest ghetto was liberated in 1945.

Since World War II, anti-Semitism has remained a big problem in the central European nation, which is home to the largest indigenous Jewish community in all of Europe.

The plans for 2014 include a new Holocaust memorial center, which is under construction at a Budapest train station that was once the hub of the deportations to Nazi death camps. Another monument will depict Hungary as a victim of German aggression.

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