Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Exclusive:N.Korea Is Most Anti-Christian Nation; Arrests Christians for Having Bible, Christian Lit.

The most closed off and anti-Christian country in the world, North Korea, continues to arrest Christians for practicing their faith. Ryan Morgan of International Christian Concern says that people are executed in North Korea just because they have a Bible or Christian literature, the One News Now website reports exclusively today (January 8, 2014).

"A couple of months ago we got a report that over 80 people have been executed across the country and, among those 80, were Christians or owners of Bibles," he says.

"Conditions in prison camps are so bad that thousands of people die in the camps every single year from starvation, from the oppressive conditions, from torture," Morgan explains.

There is absolutely no indication that the North Korean government intends to change even slightly --  in fact, there are reports that some prison camps have even been expanded -- so Morgan is convinced the pattern will continue. He is calling for continued prayer for North Korean Christians.

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