Friday, December 6, 2013

Syrian Rebels: Assad Has New Poison Gas Attack; Poison Shells Kill 7 in Rebel-Held Town of Nabak

Syrian opposition activists are accusing President Bashar al-Assad of killing at least seven people in a new poison gas attack, despite agreeing not to use chemical weapons, the Global Post website reports today (December 6, 2013).

Two shells filled with poison gas were dropped in a rebel-held area of the town of Nabak, northeast of Damascus, the activists told Reuters.

Several victims of the poison gas have been seen with swollen limbs and foaming mouths.

Assad had recently agreed not to use poison gas and to give up his chemical weapons arsenal under a deal struck by the U.S. and Russia -- a strong supporter of Assad -- that averted a U.S. attack on Syria. However, this week's poison gas attack may revoke that deal -- and result in a U.S. attack on Syria -- as it illustrates that Assad cannot be trusted.

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